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Jazz Singers

Eef van Breen jazz-trumpeter/singer/songwriter/arranger : Den Haag, Nederlands
....captures the audience with his lyrical trumpet phrases and virtuoso scat solos. Not only is Eef a performer of his own (jazz) compositions on stage; He composes as well for film, theater and several chamber music ensembles.

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Pop & Rock Singers

Jan James pop/rock-singer : Chicago, USA
Raised in central Michigan on a family-run fishing resort, her talent was obvious early on."The more I played guitar and the more I tried out the voice I learned to use in the church choir the more I liked it." And so did everyone else.
Pete Mitchell rock-guitarist/singer/songwriter/teacher : UK
Known as The Minstrel in the group DRIVE which in 1978 made a 2500 mile tour of the south of England playing over 50 venues. At this time he played for BBC Radio Medway. He was Wine Bar entertainer of the year 1981.
Tarnia soft-rock-singer/songwriter : London, UK
"I am an Unsigned Female Singer Songwriter based in the UK
and like most Unsigned Artists I have another life outside my music to help support me so I can continue to write songs and release albums."

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Other Styles

Jillian Ann singer/songwriter : New York, USA
"It turns out I have done a lot of things. Some things that are considered bad and some that are considered good, but none really define me. The bad things did not make me bad or make me some unfortunate victim."
Paloma Berganza french-ballad-singer : Madrid, Spain
Her voice, trained by great masters and sculpted by the classics, broke onto the Spanish music scene in 2003 with surprising vigor with “Avec le temps”, her first album, in an intimate recording with her Trio.
Phil Best pianist/singer/composer/arranger/teacher : London, UK
A pianist, singer and composer, he combines consummate musical skills with a genuine desire to bring his music to people in ways that are fresh and engaging.
Mary Carewe shows-singer : UK
Her versatility ranges from musical theatre showstoppers and cabaret songs to the avant-garde - repertoire she masters with musicality, personality and panache.
Lori Fredrics mezzo-soprano/studio/session/jazz : (USA born) resides in London, UK a rare breed among operatic soprano/mezzo-sopranos, as she is equally at home singing avant garde new music, 'legit' musical theatre, standard and scat-style jazz, as well as pop-style background vocals.
Tanya Ivanova violinist/singer : Bulgaria a professional violin player living in Bulgaria. She plays and sings almost every style: all time classics, Broadway and film music, jazz, evergreen, Top 40, pop, Latino, etc.
Ronnie James pop/rock-singer/songwriter/guitarist : Brooklyn, NY, USA
....resides in Tennessee in the Foothills of the Beautiful Smoky Mountains. He has appeared on Television, WTVR Channel 6 (CBS), Fredericksburg,VA which is part of the Washington, DC listening area.
Victor Johnson singer/songwriter : Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Unconventional chords, haunting melodies, astonishingly beautiful lyrics, and a voice that will leave you spellbound.
Lionel Lodge folk/rock/country-singer/songwriter : (Canadian/British) resides in Vienna, Austria text available.
Chithra Ramakrishnan south-indian-classical-singer : Staffordshire, UK text available.
T.V. Ramprasadh carnatic-vocalist/south-indian-classical-singer : Chennai, India one of the prominent Carnatic classical vocalists of India today. Gifted with a mellow, bass voice capable of a panoramic range, TVR has trained it with infinite patience, and shaped it into a voice that weaves a magical spell of beauty.
Sally Rivers pop/rock/soul/session-singer : Staffordshire, UK
....was christened on a theatre stage and was singing and playing guitar in hotels at the age of 7. By the time she had reached 15, she already had four seasons of professional theatre under her belt.
John Scott Cree singer/songwriter/guitarist : London, UK a comedy singer and songwriter with over 40 years of gigging, telling stories, writing and recording funny songs, with 7 kids and a lifetime of cynicism (experience).
"Smiling" Jack Smith blues-singer/guitarist : (USA born) resides in Spain
It has been a long and winding road, as the song goes, and the musical story is as changing and varied as the geographical. From crooner and tap-dancer to folk rocker, a short stint as a country artist and then the blues began to be his driving force.
Mark Wein guitarist/vocalist/teacher : Orange, CA, USA
"Born in New York and raised in California, I have been performing and teaching Guitar for over 25 years. After graduating from Fullerton College with an Associates Degree, I have worked playing Guitar."

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Vocal Groups

Exaudi vocal ensemble : London, UK
Since its debut in 2002, EXAUDI has emerged as one of Europe’s leading contemporary music vocal ensembles. EXAUDI is based in London and draws its singers from among the UK’s brightest vocal talents.
Ukrania ladies-vocal-quintet : Kiev, Ukraine
...was founded in 2002. The five girls were involved in an experiment by The Veryovka Ukrainian National Song and Dance Ensemble (Veryovka Choir) which consisted of creating an original music program for ladies' vocal ensemble.

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Opera Directors

Wiebke Hoogklimmer : Berlin, Germany
....was born in Hannover, Germany, and began her musical education at the age of eight. She continued her education at the Academy of Music and Acting in Hamburg where she studied opera direction and graduated with distinction.
Russell Scott : London, UK
....has been in the music industry professionally for over 30 years working in the worlds of Classical and Musical Theatre. He is not only an accomplished singer, but also a Vocal Coach and Artistic Director. He has enormous enthusiasm.

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