Divertissement light-music-group : Novo-Sibirsk, Russia
....no text available.
David Glukh Klezmer Ensemble traditional-klezmer/other-styles : New York, USA
....he has been leading an active performance schedule as a member of Dallas Brass (2000-2002) and as a bandleader, composer and a soloist of David Glukh International Ensemble in addition to solo engagements throughout the world.
Gota de Fuego flamenco-ensemble : Hamburg, Germany
....is an international group, a
flexible flamenco constellation which consists of voice, dance, guitars, percussion and saxophone.
London Virtuosi Chamber Ensemble (1972-1976) : London, UK
Chamber ensemble formed in 1972. The original members were: James Galway-flute, Anthony Camden-oboe, John Georgiadis-violin, Brian Hawkins-viola, Douglas Cummings-cello, David Lumsden-harpsichord and Jane Ryan-gamba.
Matamá flamenco-goes-brasil : Hamburg, Germany
Where the light and exotic charm of Brazilian music meets the rhythmic tension of flamenco, there arises a space in which the two of us, Matamá, move. Guitar, voice and percussion form an equal and complex unit of music.

Pulsonica percussion-guitars rhythm group : Argentina
....is a musical project which combines traditional Afro Latin rhythms with different Rock styles, but always starting from a protagonist percussive work based on the use of polyrhythms, irregular metrics, unisons and percussion solos.

Twist Ensemble : Toronto, Canada
The ensemble 'Twist!' is dedicated to exploring unique repertoire, spanning the most delicate of melodies to complex musical tapestries, with expressive virtuosity and flat out, full octane velocity!
Viva Mexico mariachi-ensemble : Madrid, Spain
....no text available.

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