About Musicians Gallery - Started in 1996

For more than two decades a specialist internet website where professional musicians and related services can portray their profiles either through a link to their own websites or, in the case of Special Featured Clients, have their own Musicians Gallery dedicated webpage(s).

Musicians Gallery was created by, and is still run soleby by, John Georgiadis, an established musician, LSO ex-leader and now conductor as an altruistic exercise to help fellow musicians, and therefore has no advertising, which means no annoying pop-up windows.


Musicans Gallery

Musicians Gallery

All profiles can be viewed by anyone but Musicians Gallery is primarily a tool for concert promoters, impresarios, orchestras, music societies, etc. as a source for locating musicians or music related services.

Special Featured Musicians Gallery Clients use their webpage as an expedient way of offering their photos and CVs to concert orgainsers while Standard Clients find their MG listing an excellent 'feeder' or 'portal' through to their own websites.